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It’s time to let go and relax by the sea, where you can embrace the waves and unwind by the crystal-clear waters and white sandy beaches. Travel to Phuket and check in at Diamond Cottage Resort & Spa. Embark on a journey for a complete and rejuvenating vacation, recharging your life with freshness, happiness, and […]

MA-NOW RESTAURANT A must-visit restaurant near Kata Beach. Whenever you come to Phuket, make sure to stop by and check in! To savor Thai and international cuisine In a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere at ‘Ma Now Restaurant.’ The food here is meticulously crafted by professional chefs Who prepare with great care and attention to detail […]

5 Cool Photo Spots At Diamond Cottage Resort & Spa Let’s find out which cool spots are the best! Sky Deck above ‘Maprow Restaurant’. Green Nature Walkway next to ‘Cottara Spa’. Relax and sip refreshing drinks at ‘Bounty Bay Bar’. In front of ‘The Cottara Spa’. Take cool photos with a delicious breakfast at ‘Ma-Prow […]

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