Taonga Surf Club

Taonga Surf Club

TAONGA SURF CLUB is your gateway to a world of leisure and excitement, all conveniently located within our exquisite beachfront destination. Whether you seek tranquility, adventure, or simply a way to unwind, our offerings cater to every desire.

Perfect Waves, Every Day

At Taonga Beach Club, we bring you the thrill of surfing all year round. While Khaolak experiences monsoonal waves from the Andaman Sea between May and October, we offer surfable waves on surf machines every day. With a tropical climate that remains warm throughout the year, we guarantee a fun and immensely gratifying surf session with every visit.

Surf in Paradise

Taonga Surf Club is located along the stunning beach of Khaolak, offering the perfect setting for surf enthusiasts and beach lovers. Whether you’re here to surf, chill, dine, party, or spend quality leisure time with family and friends, Taonga Surf Club is the place for everyone. Just show up in your beachwear, and you can start enjoying perfect waves, every day!


Standard Session – 1,200 THB / Hour
Taonga Surf Club prides itself as the industry standard for Flow boarding instructions. Each standard session is guided by a professional instructor, with practice boards and a guiding rope provided. For a limited period, our standard session is now available for just 1,200 THB! The standard session runs for 60 minutes on a shared-use basis and is suitable for surfers of all skill levels.

Flowboarding Information

  • To ensure the safety and enjoyment of all our guests, please note the following:
  • The minimum height for Bodyboarding is 107cm.
  • The minimum height for Flowboarding is 122cm.
  • No hard objects are allowed on swimwear, such as zippers, badges, buttons, pins, and other wearable accessories.
  • Intoxicated patrons will be denied participation.

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