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White Sand Blue Sea Group is a Thai company that engages in the management of hotels and resorts in Phang-Nga and Phuket. With the aim of increasing the group members and providing townsfolk opportunities for employment, White Sand Blue Sea Group was founded by Mr.Vitit and Mrs. Ji Aikwanich in December 30, 2016

Our Vision

Our long-term vision is to be one of the leading hotel brands in Thailand, dedicated to providing our customers, employees and partners with an impeccable service experience.

Our Mission

To achieve customer satisfaction and revisit intention and sustain our hospitality industry, White Sand Blue Sea Group develop our employees’ potential from within by encouraging them to teamwork, keeping talent development, and nurturing them to be promoters of change.

We Are White Sand Blue Sea Group

Discover our White Sand Blue Sea Group 1. Diamond Cottage Resort & Spa 2. Namaka Resort Kamala 3. Khaolak Emerald Beach Resort & Spa 4. Phuket Emerald Each logo of White Sand Blue Sea Group represents the love for nature and gimmick of each hotel. For example, amphibian creature appeared on the logo of Khaolak Emerald Beach Resort & Spa and Diamond Cottage Resort & Spa implies the first law of nature – self-preservation; coping up skill. Thai gable and ocean wave appeared on the logo of Namanaka Resort Kamala represent the visible scenery of the hotel.

White Sand Blue Sea Values In operating

White Sand Blue Sea Group to increase the value and achieve our goal of becoming the leader in Thai hotel brand, we focus on human connection, collaboration, reliability, and sympathy. Caring for customers employees and partners, we have elevated our business administration by creating service standard; keep working with passion, maximizing our potential, supporting community and environment.

White Sand Blue Sea Services

White Sand Blue Sea Group aspire to provide customer satisfaction. For every choice our customer make, each hotel settled in the finest location awaits them. Diamond Cottage Resort & Spa, surrounded by downtown’s finest amenities, is just only 10 minutes away from the beach. Namaka Resort Kamala, perched on an elevated hillside where the lush mountain meets the azure Andaman Sea, offers the luxurious and private hideaway. Khaolak Emerald Beach Resort & Spa, settled on the private beach, provides an array of family activities such as Surf House [Taonga Surf Club] and Water Park. Phuket Emerald, nestled along the alluring sea, presents the exquisite luxury accommodation. Whether you choose one of our choices, our team will ensure that every moment of your vacation is memorable. White Sand Blue Sea Group.

White Sand Blue Sea for Community and Environment

White Sand Blue Sea Group is consisted of hotels located on ideal locations of Phuket and Phang-Nga. In cooperation with local government, rotary club, and Phang-Nga Tourism Industry Council, we make an effort to sustain local tourism industry, provide townsfolk opportunities for employment, and enhance tourism economy of Phuket, Phang-Nga, and Krabi. Thus our customers could experience a memorable time during their stay.